6 Best URL shortener to make money in 2020 (High Paying)

Shortening URL is necessary when you are doing online business it can be Bloggingaffiliate marketing, YouTube, or any other online business. Sometimes the URL is too long that you need to do short it can be a blog post link or a product link.

But there comes a question which URL shortener should we use or to make money. so in this article, I am going to you tell you 6 best URL shortener to make money.

There are hundreds of URL shorteners available on google. But today I’m going to tell you which one should you use that can help you to make money. There is plenty of URL shortener available on Google but not everyone is the best URL shortener to make money or high paying.

6 Best URL shortener to make money


Linkvertise one of the best available in the market. Many people use this URL shortener to make money. Linkvertise offers high payout rates, easy administration, and daily payment. 



  • High payout rates:

You can earn upto more than 60$ per 1000 views! Linkvertise doesn’t offer popup ads or annoying ads that hurt traffic audience and pay high rates. Linkvertise is one of the best high paying URL shortening sites available in the german speaking country.

  • Easy Administration: 

Linkversite is a fully optimized URL shortening site. You can easily check your affiliate earning in one click through your dashboard.

  • Daily Payout:

One of the best features about Linkvertise is it has a daily payout option. You can easily receive your payment through bank transfer, PayPal, Paysafecard, or Amazon voucher with a minimum amount of $ 10!


Adshrink is a Link tracking and URL shortening website. You can shorten your URL with their system and get detailed static on your traffic and you can earn money for each click you receive on your shortened URL.



  • Tracking:

You can Track your link with proper analytics reports, check their performance, and optimize every touchpoint with its system through their dashboard.

  • Brand:

Consistency is what makes a good brand great. You can create custom links for every URL that carries your branding across every device and channel.

  • Earning: 

You can monetize your links. They offer the highest CPM around the world, they thank their partnership with bigger companies.

Comfortable Way to Earn Money

  • Fewer ads but higher payout.
  • Timely and secure payments with PayPal.
  • No payment gateway fees.
  • Ticket system to contact us at any time.


ShrinkEarn is a free tool where you can produce short links, which besides being free, you get paid! So, you can make money from anywhere in the world through your links.



  • Detailed Stats:

It helps you to analyze your URL or link in a detailed manner from where most of the income and traffic is coming. This feature will help you to learn different strategies.

  • High Payout:

Get the most from your traffic with our always increasing rates.

  • Support:

A dedicated support team is prepared to assist with any questions you might have.


DSLinker is a free Link tracker and URL shorteners which helps you to short your link or even track them.



  • You can Monitor your Link Performance:

There is proper analytics for every particular link. It allows us to get Geography and proper device information. Where URL traffic is coming from. Browser type, IP, and more.

  • You can manage your links:
  1. You can track custom links.
  2. You can track group links.
  3. You can create group links.
  4. You can Pixels, custom domains, and more.


Shorte is an URL shortening website that helps you to monetize your website and links you share.



  • Complete stats:

It has the feature to see which links are making more money with proper analytics. 

  • Website Scripts:

You can use copy-and-paste configurable scripts and easily monetize visits to your website in various ways.

  • WP & Blogspot tools:

You get to benefit from smart solutions for the most popular website engines and blogging platforms.

  • Highly Converting Ads: 

Well-suited, safe, and good quality advertisements.

  • Payout on Time: Get paid through global and trusted payment platforms.


This website helps you to Get paid to share your links on the Internet!



  • Safe Advertising:

 All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Anti-virus and malware servers are scanning the adverts 24/7.

  • Low Minimum Payout: 

In Adf.ly the minimum payout is 5$. You will get your payment through PayPal and the pioneer.

  • Statistics:

Detailed statistics are provided on every URL. Proper analytics of earning are provided.


There are hundreds of URL shorteners available in the market but, these are the best URL shortener to make money in 2020. Some of these are even free URL shortener you can even use them. I hope this article will help you to choose your URL Shortener.

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