6 Best Place to Sell Domains in 2020 {Updated}

Suppose you want to create a new website and earn money online from it. First of all, you need the right domain name to create a website, only through a good domain name your website gets a proper identity.

If you are a famous personality, then you can take that domain by your name. Otherwise, you think of something that looks like a brand to you and people.

And, once you have bought the domain name and that is a premium according to you, after doing some work on it, you got the idea that why don’t I sell this domain name.

But when you went out to sell, you face this problem that if I sell it now, where should I sell it so that I get a reasonable price for it?

To sort out your this problem, today, I am going to share with you 6 best place to sell domains, where you can quickly sell your domain name at a reasonable price.

6 best place to sell domains.

1. Godaddy marketplace

best place to sell domains

Making the top of the list GoDaddy is the website on which many people and I believe. If someone has to buy a domain, they come and purchase on this website.

This is the website where you can get a domain name at a low price, but Godaddy is a platform where we can sell or auction your domain. I’m knowing you that it is the world’s most established domain name registrar with over 15 million happy customers. 

Godaddy is considered one of the best domain auction sites among the auction websites that buy and sell domains. Talking of Godaddy has more than 65 million registered domain names, and whenever you face any problem, the award-winning support team is always there to help you.

2. Namecheap.com Marketplace

best place to sell domains

Namecheap is another best website for domain selling, where you can buy any domain for yourself.

Talking about its users, it is also like GoDaddy, there are more than 500K domains listed on Namecheap, out of which you can take the domain name you like.

Apart from this, I will tell you a special thing about Namecheap that there is also a marketplace on Namecheap where we can sell our domains. Their marketplace has many domain names, such as assemblies, advertising, auto, business, education, entertainment, etc.

If I tell you about Namecheap, it was created by Richard Kirkendall in 2000, which gives the domain very cheap compared to other websites.

3. NamePros.com Marketplace

best place to sell domains

The third website where we can sell our domain is NamePros. If we talk about its users, it has more than 2 million users. It is the third website out of all the sites with more domainers than other websites.

It has increased its clients for some time; the team that works in NamePros is tremendous. So, you can share your problem and solve it anytime.

If I tell you about NamePros, it started back in 2003, and it is the most popular website where you can sell and buy domain names. It provides you with all the features that made the website to the third number for domain selling. The unique thing about this website is that it offers free service where you can sell the domain.

NamePros is awarded by:

  • Domain Name Forum, Robbie’s Blog, 2013
  • The community of the Year, Name Intelligence, 2007
  • Famous Domain Name Forum, Domain Name Telegram, 2007

4. Sedo.com Marketplace

best place to sell domains

Sedo is a kind of platform where we can buy and sell our domain. If we sell the paid domain name here, we will get a reasonable price for that domain. Since the creation of the Sedo website, it has sold over 800k domain names.

It has become a popular website for buying and selling. It has 2.5 million users and more than 15 million domains listed for sale at this time.

Its special thing is that here you also get those domains which have been deleted by someone or for some reason, you can also take those old domains from here. Talk about Sedo, the full name of Its a search engine for domain offers.

5. SnapName.com Marketplace

best place to sell domains

SnapName is another website where we can sell our domain, and it also provides unique features to its users compared to other websites.

Talking about its users, it also has millions of users like GoDaddy, NamePros, it provides us 30 million domain names to buy and sell any domain.

It is also absolutely free, and it provides its buyers with a right and unusual domain name so that they can bring their buyers and sellers together and earn the best enterprise in the market.

6. Flippa.com Marketplace

best place to sell domains

Flippa is a website where we can buy and sell any app along with the domain name. This website also provides a better facility to its users than comparing sites.

The website is part of the larger and fostering Sitepoint category of startups that include 99designs, Influx.com, and SitePoint.com—and contributing to them.

Its special thing is that when we go to buying and selling a domain in it, it attracts the visitors itself. This website has an excellent design and easy listing domain procedure. Because of this, it sells thousands of domain names every day.


In this post, I have shared in detail about 6 best places to sell domains. Trust me, these are the trendy domain marketplaces where you can quickly sell your domain name.

If you know more about Domain selling, then you can comment and tell us about it. And, we will try to cover your points in the upcoming post.

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